About the Award

The BIAL Award in Biomedicine, with the amount of 300.000 Euros, seeks to recognise a work published in the broad biomedical field within the last ten years, the results of which are considered of exceptional quality and scientific relevance.

Only works nominated by the voting members of the Jury, the members of the Scientific Board of the BIAL Foundation, previous BIAL award winners or Scientific Societies may be considered candidates for the BIAL Award in Biomedicine. The Jury may also invite other scientific institutions to submit nominations. Self-nominations are not allowed.

The BIAL Award in Biomedicine, which has the support of the President of the Portuguese Republic, the Council of Rectors of Portuguese Universities and the European Medical Association, from 2019 onwards started to be attributed in odd years, alternating with the Prémio BIAL de Medicina Clínica.

BIAL Award in Biomedicine 2021


Ralph Adolphs


European Research Council
Geneviève Almouzni
Paola Bovolenta

Council of Rectors of the Portuguese Universities
Maria do Carmo Fonseca
Fátima Carneiro

European Medical Association
Vincenzo Costigliola
Olga Golubnitschaja

Scientific Board of the BIAL Foundation
Hugo Critchley
Menno Witter

Previous winners of the BIAL Award
Peter St. George-Hyslop
Daniel Pipeleers

Scientific Journals
Howard Bauchner - JAMA
Eric Rubin - NEJM

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BIAL Award in Biomedicine
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BIAL Award in Biomedicine
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